An Attempt at Lines

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Deciding to try line art

While I do like the way painting works, I noticed that one of my most glaring weaknesses (yes it all sucks, but I think this sucks the most at the moment) is that I can’t place things in the right place. When I look at a photo of a face and try to draw it; the eyes will be off, the mouth will be off, things will be too small, or too big. Thus, this is what I should be focusing on: Being able to throw out fast drawings that make me exercise my placement of 3d objects onto a 2d plane. For this I think that I’d be able to throw out more iterations if I just stick with line art. It’s simpler and faster to get to a point that I can see that my placement is super garbage.

My line art

Line art

I attempted to apply the Loomis method for drawing a head. It seems to work quite well, although I do think some parts of it are a bit difficult to apply. The reason for this isn’t because the method is bad, but because my fundamentals are shit and I don’t draw enough at all. There are certain parts of the Loomis method that seem very hard to fit to heads. When I do it myself some pieces seem to look off. The reason is that they are off, I’m just bad at getting 3d shapes on 2d paper and visualizing them properly. I need to draw more.

The drawing is unfinished and will remain that way. I am done with that one. I tried drawing it all by hand without superimposing the reference on top of my image. At the end I decided to do so and her right eye (viewer’s left) was off, towards the outside of the face quite a bit. The lips were a grand debacle. The hat shape was off by quite a bit and still is. The eyebrow of the super misplaced eye was a bit lower than it should be. I ended up using the super imposed reference to completely cheat on the lips, and used it to kind of cheat for the eye. The funny thing is that the new placement of the eye looked kind of wrong at first, but once I fixed it; it just looked a lot better. Then, I began to think that the old placement looked pretty awful.

Anyway, I need to draw more.