Blender to Xenko Workflow: Animations

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Getting animations from Blender into Xenko

At the moment, Xenko is unable to import multiple animations that are contained within a single fbx file. My old workflow was creating my animations and meshes as normal, then creating a duplicate blend file where I would consolidate all animations into a single action. I would export this as an fbx then import it into Xenko. In Xenko, I would apply the frame information into the animation component and be able to access my different animations that way.

This was terrible, so I asked if this was the way it was done in Xenko’s discord. One user told me that he imported them one by one, disabling and enabling the other animations in blender. He enlightened me as to what the little F does. Armed with this new information, there was to be a much better workflow.

A Blender script

I decided to write a blender script to export each action by itself, automatically toggling that little F. So far, it seems to work.

If you need it, get it here: