Color Fatigue

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It felt weird looking at the things in my grey boxed prototype

Old colors

I was suffering from color fatigue. My guess was that my colors were too bright, or that the colors that I had next to each other were doing something that was causing this. I tried experimenting with changing the colors themselves. Changed the background to black (Which I thought would make it worse since there would be more contrast). I even started using custom colors and lowering the values of all of the colors across the board. This didn’t really do much.

I realized that my directional light intensity was too high, and I think that it was just making all the colors more saturated than the values that I chose.

New colors

I think this is now easier on the eyes. I also ended up with a semi new grey box palette that doesn’t really matter. Either way, it got me thinking about colors and palettes again for the future.

What I need to be doing

I think I’m at the point where I need to actually be making the game. I need to just start making levels and assets. I have systems that I think would work, I can add them fairly easily if I want to include a new feature.

Levels are difficult, since I’m not sure what direction I want to take. I’m also not sure whether I should start at the beginning. Mostly, it’s just not knowing whether a level is fun or not.

Levels: Then maybe I won’t have to make these filler posts to convince myself that I’m active.