Learning to Draw

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learning art

Why I’m learning to draw.

It’s new. It’s fun. I’m terrible at it. Mostly, I think it’s required in order to make a game that’s fun. When I was younger I used to think that graphics didn’t matter. A game is all about the gameplay. While this isn’t true now, I do think it was true at the time. That’s not to say I am all about graphics. Whenever I am looking for a new game or just looking through steam’s new releases to see what’s out there, it’s often times the art that is the primary indicator on whether a game will be good. Good games usually have good art. This isn’t to say that you have to be a master, but you need to make every object in the game artistically cohesive. This only applies to making a solid game that doesn’t suck (in my eyes.) If your goal is to make a game sell: The art better be good.

For example: A game I’ve been eyeing on steam is Gun Rage

The only information I’ve seen about the game is the trailer. The gameplay looks extremely solid and potentially well designed. (Hopefully it’s a more difficult, modernized Contra.) The art is cohesive. It fits together well, the same person probably drew all of it. I’m not sure why I haven’t just bought the game yet, maybe I’ll get it on sale. While I think it’s endearing, especially that run animation; I think that the only thing stopping this game from selling is the art work. The pacing of the trailer, the music, it’s pretty good. Without playing it, it really looks like the dudes at Ghost-Bit did a great job.

On a small tangent, I would never buy a game that doesn’t have documented gameplay. I instinctually wonder if trailers that don’t show gameplay are deliberately hiding it.

This is turning into something for a completely different post.

How I plan to do it.

Going to try to make sure to draw at least a little bit mostly every day. (Yes that’s starting to sound like I’m going to slack.) I tried drawing some silhouettes and I’m surprisingly bad at them. Something that’s always interested me was painting. The way people keep on iterating on a crude charcoal guide they scraped onto the canvas, I don’t know: I just want to try it so that I can see how it works. Anyway, without further ado - here are the silhouettes and a painting that I’m currently working on. Scaled down so that anyone who sees this thinks I’m better than I am, but can still tell that I am raw shit.

NSFW silhouettes Silhouettes Silhouettes



As anyone can see, I have a lot to learn. I’m just glad that I can see a lot of areas to improve in (almost any area that has to do with it), so I am not stagnant. Hopefully, I can improve with every session.


I do think that the game I’m currently working on has potential. While, I don’t think that the people I’ve had test it like it or have interest in that sort of game, I will continue working on it. Except, I think I need to decide on a visual style. I could use rudimentary shapes, but even then I need to decide on an aesthetic. I’m hoping that this small side quest towards mastering art (becoming less shitty) will give me a better foundation towards deciding what I want the game to look like as I currently lack any sort of vision for it in this regard.