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So far levels have kind of designed themselves

Since I’m not ready to talk about my current project (I’ll probably end up abandoning it) I’ll keep this post general to level design. So far what I’ve done is just put together some mechanics. I created some simple obstacles to test the mechanics in order to see if I like the way they feel. To see if the character feels good to move and use its abilities, that kind of thing.

From here, this simple obstacle course map evolved to include more and more things to test the limitations of the character controller. What I have now looks to be a series of trials that passes as a tutorial since it builds iteratively on what the character is capable of. Doing things this way kind of let the game mechanics teach me how to build the levels. While messing around trying to beat my own obstacles; I added more. I wondered if it would be possible to do something else, so I just created a trial that could test my theory.

There’s still a lot more to go in terms of design, I only have one level and it’s not like I’m magically certain what I want to make. I still have to think about what more to add and how to make future maps and enemies actually interesting.


Make a playground to test your mechanics. Modify it to see how far you can push it. Create and mash these different obstacles together to form different challenges.