An Attempt at Lines

Deciding to try line art While I do like the way painting works, I noticed that one of my most glaring weaknesses (yes it all sucks, but I think this sucks the most at the moment) is that I can’t place things in the right place. When I look at a photo of a face and try to draw it; the eyes will be off, the mouth will be off, things will be too small, or too big.
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Potential Aesthetic

What it is It’s me wondering if I could make something of this look. Pictured are lines made with blender’s grease pencil. The idea is to use them to make things in 3d that don’t look awful. I’ve liked the way that Tilt Brush paintings looked. A game made using that aesthetic might look interesting. I don’t have a VR set, but with Blender’s grease pencil - maybe this is the next best thing.
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Learning to Draw

Why I’m learning to draw. It’s new. It’s fun. I’m terrible at it. Mostly, I think it’s required in order to make a game that’s fun. When I was younger I used to think that graphics didn’t matter. A game is all about the gameplay. While this isn’t true now, I do think it was true at the time. That’s not to say I am all about graphics. Whenever I am looking for a new game or just looking through steam’s new releases to see what’s out there, it’s often times the art that is the primary indicator on whether a game will be good.
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