A Game Jam

A sort of post-mortem Open Jam 2018: The more open source, the better. The theme was “SPAM TO WIN!” Decided to use Godot for this, simply because it’s a jam game and I still think that Godot and gdscript are great prototyping tools. It also adheres to the jam’s open source spirit. When I consider the jam’s theme, I try to come up with game mechanics that will reflect the theme.
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A Map Editor

I’m not sure that I have an ideal workflow when it comes to creating maps. I doubt I did and even after this map editor; I doubt I do. First, my workflow. My workflow and the old method In order to create my simple prototype style maps, I need some way of creating rectangles that will reflect how they will look in the physics world (usually VelcroPhysics). I used to use Tiled Map Editor.
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The First Flop

What did I try to do I tried to make a game within a week. After a week, it’s not close to done. The one level it has is not even completely finished. The basic mechanics are there. If I were to add an exit to the level I could call it “finished”. It would still need actual assets and polish in order for me to not be embarrassed by it.
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