Plans for Garbage Editor and Other Things

First, the editor I added some features as I needed them. Not sure what exactly has changed, but it does what I need it to do. The one major problem is that I’m not really sure how to architect things in Godot without making them sort of spaghetti. I should have made a signal manager (singleton with all the signals there), and use signals for all communication between nodes? I don’t really know how much I like that, but it seems like it’s the best choice there.
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A Map Editor

I’m not sure that I have an ideal workflow when it comes to creating maps. I doubt I did and even after this map editor; I doubt I do. First, my workflow. My workflow and the old method In order to create my simple prototype style maps, I need some way of creating rectangles that will reflect how they will look in the physics world (usually VelcroPhysics). I used to use Tiled Map Editor.
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