Do You Want to Win?

Wat? The results for the Jam are out. Shockingly, over 10 people played and rated my game. Apparently it placed 12th out of 45. Awful, but not too bad considering I wasn’t aiming to win. Should I have been aiming to win? Well, maybe? Now that I see the scores, I realize that it’s a completely different game if you’re playing to win. Frankly, winning a jam is saying that your game would sell the best out of all of the entries.
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A Game Jam

A sort of post-mortem Open Jam 2018: The more open source, the better. The theme was “SPAM TO WIN!” Decided to use Godot for this, simply because it’s a jam game and I still think that Godot and gdscript are great prototyping tools. It also adheres to the jam’s open source spirit. When I consider the jam’s theme, I try to come up with game mechanics that will reflect the theme.
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